Starting Overdrive

Ep: 06 - Frank Burton on Starting Over From Severe Seizures, Confronting Reality, Recovery, and Unique Coping Strategies

December 10, 2020

In this episode of Starting Overdrive, we talk with fiction writer, author, interviewer, and podcaster, Frank Burton, about starting over from severe, devastating seizures and intense visuals that disrupted his life, how he dealt with the unknown, getting diagnosed, his amazing recovery, and how he employs unique coping strategies to prevent seizures today. Delving deeper into Frank's story, we explore the differences between Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Non-Epileptic Attack Syndrome, how he confronted the reality of his condition, the importance of getting a medical diagnosis, how he learned to open up and talk about his unique condition, his support system, how the medical community reacted to his seizure condition, his unique coping strategies, and his advice for anyone who may be experiencing something unknown medically and forced to start over.


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